Rider Auto Glide Old School

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Make ModelRider Auto Glide Old School
Year: 2005
Engine: Air Cooled, four stroke, 90° V-Twin, 2 valve per cylinder
Capacity: 44 ci / 738 cc
Bore x Stroke:
Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
Ignition / Starting: – / electric
Exhaust2 Stage: Muffled, Baffled
Transmission / Drive: Automatic CVT Type II / belt
Front Brakes: Single disc 4 piston caliper
Rear Brakes: Single disc 1 piston caliper
Front Tire: : 16″/40.6cm | 60 Spoke
Rear Tire: : 16″/40.6cm | 60 Spoke
Seat Height24.5 in / 622 mm
Dry-Weight: 440 lbs. / 199.6 kg
Fuel Capacity: 5.0 gal / 18.2 Litres

The Ridley offers a no shifting, no clutch lever to pull, light (445 pounds), very low seated (24”) motorcycle that is so easy ride all that you have to do is twist the grip and go. It is powered by a 750 cc four-stroke two-cylinder V Twin motor with the Ridley CVT automatic transmission.

This can be a very forgiving entry bike that has until now kept some people out of the market. This would be a great ride for anyone that does not like to shift or needs a really low seat. In the past a lot of gals have used the 883 Sportster as an entry bike to the Harley world. With this lower seat, lighter Weight: and being automatic should place this ride several notches above the ole 883. They have gone after some of the good old classic looks that are popular today. By doing this the Ridley will look to a casual observer on the side of the road to be a much bigger bike than it really is.

The new 2006 Old School Ridley that I rode is a step back to a time when gangster white walls, springer front ends and ape hangers were all the rage. In early 2005, Clay Ridley built himself the first Auto-Glide Old School. The tremendous amount of interest in the custom Auto-Glide brought Clay to add it to this Year: ’s model line.

The old School shown has several optional items that include a springer front end, chrome ape hanger handlebars, black wire wheels, vintage white wall tires, bobbed five gallon tank, and sprung solo seat. Wheels come in either Black, Red or Pink with available matching colored handlebars.

They also have the Auto-Glide TT, Auto-Glide Classic, and Auto-Glide Sport. (For pics see below) One of the best options this Year: is the New Belt Final Drive optional that replaces the X-Ring Chain final drive. This is one of the biggest improvements for the Auto-Glide Model in Year: s.

Road Test

To start the Engine: you have to push the button by the right grip just like any Harley. You also have to hold the front brake on to get the Engine: to crank. This was no big deal – the thing you have to get used to is that there is no clutch lever at all. I felt naked without the trusted clutch lever. But you know what, after being underway for a couple of seconds; you do not really miss the clutch lever. The constant speed auto clutch mechanism never lets the Engine: rev very high making it feel like it is time to shift, hence the missing clutch lever never really comes into play.

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