Going Green motorcycles and scooters Electric

180px-electrocat_-_electric_motorcycle1You might have heard this on today’s news, or know about it for a while. There are electric motorcycles and scooters already in production and people are using them, it’s obviously very quiet, but whether or not it’s worth the money… read more.

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Electric motorcycles and scooters are rising in popularity because of higher gasoline prices. Battery technology is gradually improving making this form of transportation more practical.[3]


1. Up front costs are higher than for a comparable gasoline powered motorcycle or scooter.
2. Shorter range before recharging.
3. Longer “fill up” or recharge time.
4. Lower maximum speed at similar price points.
5. Electric power outlets are often not conveniently located near streets or driveways. It is often difficult or impossible to bring the battery into an apartment, for example, for recharging.
6. Battery capacity can be as low as 20% on a cold winter day with -20 °C (lead battery)
7. As it is already difficult to be “noticed” by cars/trucks on a motorcycle, the loss of characteristic engine noise might make riding these even more dangerous than their internal combustion engine powered counterparts.

Advantages of electric over gasoline power:

1. The fuel costs for electric power are approximately 25% the cost of gasoline power (US, mid-2008; see Electric car, “Running costs” for the calculation)[4]
2. Nearly silent.
3. Environmental friendly (no exhausted gases at point of use)
4. Using grid power to charge batteries causes less pollution than gasoline scooters; the amount of emissions caused depends on the sources of the electricity used.
5. No trips needed to a gas station– can be recharged at home or in charging stations.
6. It can be used in a V2G system.
7. Lower maintenance costs and fewer maintenance activities; for example, there is no need to change the oil.
8. Can be ridden indoors.
9. More affordable than electric cars.