Motorcycle tricks videos

View some thousands and thousands of awesome motorcycle tricks videos, similar to motorcycle stunts, but these tricks you can probably try yourself at your own risk, remember to always wear a helmet, and never perform these tricks on busy street, find an empty parking lot with a few buddies standing by.

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Motorcycle stunt riding is a growing sport in the United Kingdom and United States, using motorcycles to perform stoppies, wheelies, burnouts, and more.

Cytrix Display Team

At the end of World War II, several members of the White Helmets team (within the Royal Signals) formed a display team – Cytrix[citation needed]. For 20 years up to 1967 they toured mainly the UK, but also on two occasions the US (across 23 mid-west states over 4 months) and Europe. They appeared at UK agricultural shows and at Wembley on a number of occasions during the Speedway finals.

The four consistent members of the team were Basil Shelbourne, Ted Way, Jet Jones and Neil Hack. Originally they rode Matchless bikes but later rode BSA Gold Stars. Stunts were typically run at speeds of 60 mph and included tunnel-of-fire jumps. They rode without crash helmets or leathers, just shirt, tie, jodhpurs and riding boots.