Husqvarna TE 450E

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The 2005 4-stroke Husqvarnas share the same body style of the TE 510 Centennial, the motorcycle created for celebrating the first 100 Year: s of Husqvarna motorcycle history. Fuel tank, seat, sidecovers, front number plate and front fender have the same shape as the TEC 510, giving the 2005 motocross/enduro models a new look which is particularly streamlined. The “centennial” connotation of 2005 models isn’t just an aesthetic aspect, since Husqvarna wanted to mark a clear step forward under the technical aspect applying significant modifications aimed at improving the performance and function of the TE 450.

Beginning with the Engine: s, the top end is fitted with new valves, still made of Titanium, now having stems of increased diameter for improved strength even in the most severe riding conditions. The manufacturing technology of the valves has been improved and the new supplier is one of the best in the field of racing cars Engine: s. The intake camshaft of TE 450 has been redesigned with new lift profiles, optimized to increase the performance and the interaction between valve and valve seat. The new cylinder head gasket , which is now made of multi layer steel sheets (MLS), reduces head deformations and improves temperature distribution of the power train.

Another significant change common to all 4-stroke models is the adoption of the latest generation of Keihin FCR type carburetors with a 41mm bore for the 450. The new carburetor setting, specifically developed for Husqvarna, improves the throttle response at any riding conditions. Cold starts, as well as hot restart are made easier due to the double choke system COLD/HOT including the classic RED “electric start” button. All Husqvarna 4-stroke Engine: s have electric starters, a kick-starting kit is available as an option.

The 450’s primary drive is now very similar to the 510’s, with a high strength aluminum (Ergal) clutch basket machined from the sound material with hard anodine oxidation coating to improve clutch discs sliding and reduce wear on the contact surface. Also improved for the 450 is the crankshaft, where con-rod pin diameter increased from 30 to 34 mm, a new roller bearing with increased load Capacity: and silver plated cage, a redesigned connecting rod and a different balancing of the crank to reduce the vibrations.

Significant work was also done to the entire electrical system. The digital CPU is programmable and recognizes both throttle position (TPS) and individual gears (GPS). To make starting easier, ignition timing was modified and the new generator has an improved battery re-charging circuit that delivers more charging current starting from lower revs.

For the chassis, changes were made to improve the suspension and brake components. This is why all models are fitted with new Sachs shock absorbers equipped with a top-out spring, improving the suspension’s function mainly during rebound, and in particular during braking hard, reducing the “bouncing” that is often noticed in deceleration. The shock absorber also has new sealing rings and reservoir tank, which was re-designed to improve cooling. Also new is the lower shock absorber pivot, that now features a roller bearing. All needle bearings in the Rear Suspension: link are now longer, to decrease friction and improve durability. The suspension settings are completely re-worked following the recommendations from Husqvarna Motocross and Enduro factory riders. The rear brake disc has no holes and the front brake features a new master cylinder that improves braking modulation.

All enduro models have a tub/tank for vapor recovery of coolant liquids, useful mainly for mule track stretches for maintaining constant coolant Capacity: of the radiators.

The electrical system is equipped with a device for preventing accidental starting of the Engine: while in gear, with a switch positioned on the clutch lever.

New Features for 2005 TE 450 Model

Larger Valve Stems
Metal Head Gasket
Revised Starter System
CNC Aluminium Clutch Basket
Engine: Crankshaft has New Connecting Rod with Larger Pivot increased from 30 to 34 mm
Keihin Carburettor with Redesigned Ducts

Revised Suspension Settings,
Shock Absorbers with Lighter Reservoir and New Sealing Ring to Improve Efficiency
Lower Shock Pivot on Roller Bearings
Rear Disc Brake without holes, and Wheel Axle with Clip for Rapid Removal
Tank for Coolant Recovery from Radiator
New Front Brake Master Cylinder

New Generator with Improved Battery Recharging Circuit
Timing at 0 rpm Modified to Facilitate Starting
New CPU with Recognition of Individual Gears
Switch on Clutch to Prevent Accidental Starting of the Engine:

New Bodywork (Rear Fender, Side Panels and Conveyors) and Fuel Tank derived from TE 510 Centennial Model
New Headlamp Fairing
Front Fender Reinforcement

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