Vun Rotax Single

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I had never heard of this small company or the motorcycle they offer but Performance Bikes had a feature on it and it’s quite a bike. The perfect item for the purist who wants a very high quality hand built and obviously very rare and collectible bike. Is it practical for daily use? It could be, because it’s designed for the type of riding most riders actually encounter on a daily basis, 90 mph or less. It’s light and agile and probably a lot of fun to ride.

Power comes from a 652cc 4 valve, fuel injected, Rotax Bombardier single with a standard version (Euro 3) at 54 hp or tuned up version at 68 hp which they say is not certified for road use. Though a bit under powered compared to a 600cc inline 4, they go out of their way to talk about power to Weight: ratios which, considering the bike is 297 pounds, could be quite favorable.

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