TriRod’s F3 Adrenaline

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Out of TriRod’s workshop has emerged possibly the most disruptive technology to hit the motorcycle world in decades. We’ve taken the most advanced technologies from Formula One racing, aerospace, and custom motorcycles and combined them into the hottest street rod motorcycle ever.

Our passion for motorcycles and the addiction to speed induced adrenaline rushes has led us to develop this radical motorcycle trike platform. This all new three wheel motorcycle is like nothing that has come before it. It is a machine built for performance, born and bred on a race track with a thrill factor that is through the roof. Trikes will never be the same.

The F3 Adrenaline is geared for street and track use. It features Penske Racing shocks, Pirelli tires, carbon fiber bodywork, and billet aluminum parts throughout. A 20 inch rim with a 325 rear tire coupled to a 120 cubic inch racing motor might seem like overkill to some – its standard issue for this unit.

TriRod: ride it like a motorcycle, corner it like a race car. The best of two very intriguing worlds.”

Source TriRod’ & the new cafe racer society

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