Suzuki GT 750

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Make ModelSuzuki GT 750
Year: 1972
Engine: Liquid cooled, two stroke, transverse 3 cylinder,
Capacity: 738
Bore x Stroke: 70 ? 64 mm
Compression Ratio: 6.7:1
Induction: 3x Mikuni VM 32 70 mph indicated, actually 63.8
Ignition / Starting: Battery and coil Braking distance / electric & kick
ClutchMulti-disc, wet 70 mph, sec 6.8
Max Power: 67 hp @ 6500 rpm
Max Torque: 7.7 kg-m @ 5500 rpm
Transmission / Drive: 5 Speed / chain
Gear Ratio5th 4.84 Standing one-eighth mile, sec. 8.38 / 4th 5.90 terminal speed, mph 78.74 / 3rd 7.15 Standing one-quarter mile, sec 13.87 / 2nd 9.11 terminal speed, mph 93.55 / lst 14.92
Front Suspension: Telescopic forks
Rear Suspension: Swinging arm fork with adjustable shock absorber,
Front Brakes: Twin sided 200mm drum
Rear Brakes: 190 mm drum
Front Tire: : 3.25-19
Rear Tire: : 4.00-18
Dry-Weight: / Wet-Weight: 226 kg / 230 kg
Fuel Capacity: 17 Litres

It was during the early 1970s that the superbike war between the major Japanese factories broke out. Honda had already introduced the four-cylinder CB750 in 1969 and it did not take long before Suzuki weighed in with their new superbike contender. Suzuki, however, took a completely different route with their machine, the GT750. For a start their superbike was a two-stroke of 750 cc, the largest two-stroke ever to be put into mass production. Set across the Frame: the Engine: had three cylinders and was water-cooled. Although marketed as a direct rival to the Honda CB750 it soon became obvious that the Suzuki lacked the outright performance of the Honda and eventually the GT750 found its own little niche as a high-speed tourer. Nevertheless it was still a fascinating machine.

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