LBF Cycles Suzuki GSX-R1000

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The very first thing most people will notice about the bike are the wheels, that’s not a reflection you see, those are clear Lexan wheels. The Lexan is one inch thick, sandwiched between two split rims. The wheels have perimeter brake rotors from Freddie Krugger of Krugger Motorcycles and on the rear is a 96 tooth sprocket from Ego Tripp who also made the wheel rims and hubs. Even with a 20 tooth front sprocket it’s still geared a bit low but hey, it does look pretty cool.

The bike has air suspension in the rear AND front. It also has almost invisible controls, you’ll notice there aren’t any of the usual cables and levers anywhere. Like choppers, the cables and wires are routed inside but where are the controls? The clutch is activated by twisting the left grip with a button shift from Pingel. The brakes are activated by thumb levers, front on the right, rear on the left.

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