XLCR 1000 Café Racer

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Make ModelHarley Davidson XLCR 1000 Café Racer
Year: 1977
Engine: Air cooled, four stroke, 45° V-Twin, OHV, 2 valves per cylinder.
Capacity: 997
Bore x Stroke: 81 x 96.8 mm
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
Induction: 38mm Keihin carb
Ignition / Starting: – / electric
Max Power: 68 hp @ 6200 rpm
Max Torque: 60 lb ft @ 3500 rpm
Transmission / Drive: 4 Speed / chain
Front Suspension: Telescopic forks
Rear Suspension: Dual shocks swinging fork.
Front Brakes: 2x 254mm disc
Rear Brakes: Single 254mm disc
Front Tire: : 3.75-19
Rear Tire: : 4.25-18
Weight: 220 kg
Fuel Capacity: 12.5 Litres
Consumption average45 mpg
Standing ¼ Mile 13.2 sec
Top Speed115 mp/h

The Harley-Davidson XLCR1000 is unique in the range of models built by the famous Milwaukee, Wisconsin, company, in that it is definitely not built on the same ‘laid back’ lines as its tourer stable-mates. In fact the CR part of the title stands for Cafe Racer, and the Harley is unquestionably one of the most aggressive looking cafe racers available. Although outwardly different from the other Harleys, the XLCR still has the famous V-twin Engine: which, with very undersquare dimensions of 81 mm X968 mm, displaces 997-5cc.

A45degree unit, the Engine: features a 9:1 Compression Ratio: , simple pushrod operated valves, a single 38 mm Keihin carburetor and all the reliability one could possibly need. Unsophisticated it may be, but the Engine: could pull a house down with its 68 bhp at 6200 rpm and, although undisclosed, probably around 60 lb ft of torque. Although the torque figure is not quoted by the company they do say that the ‘secret amount’ is produced at 3500 rpm, well down the rev scale but just the thing for instant acceleration in any of the XLCR’s four gears. An electric start is the only concession to modern times in the Engine: and it copes surprisingly well with getting the Engine: under way. Unlike a silky smooth Japanese multi, one is very well aware of when the Harley’s Engine: is running. It has an off-beat exhaust note, it rumbles and shakes and leaves the rider in no doubt as to its capabilities.

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