Drysdale 1000 V8 Cruiser

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It’s taken the best part of three Year: s to finally get built, but the latest of 43-Year: old Australian bike visionary Ian Drysdale’s multicylinder motorcycles, using his established DOHC 32-valve 90-degree V-eight powerplant which is now fuel-injected, is at last cruising the streets of suburban Melbourne, looking for trouble at traffic lights and fisticuffs on freeways.

For instead of the 750-V8 Superbike which preceded it, Drysdale’s new maxi-bike is the two-wheeled equivalent of a nightclub bouncer, the Bruiser mega-Monster – a naked roadster prototype set to form the basis of the most exclusive, most muscular and potentially most performance-packed customer cruiser for sale anywhere in the world.

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