Confederate C120 Renaissance Fighter

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The bike is built from a combination of components crafted from aircraft billet aluminum, carbon fiber, and high grade titanium which wraps around a 45 degree radial twin that can hit a top speed of 190 miles per hour. Limited-Edition Fighter Motorcycle There’s the startling, dare we say sexy, design that fuses raw power with crisp simplicity. It’s an evolution of the machine, at once taken back down to its core elements while being reinvented and re-Engine: ered for optimal performance. It’s our street-legal sci-fi dream come to life, in the form of the limited-edition Fighter Motorcycle.

Ours exclusively courtesy of Confederate Motor Company┬«, the first ever Fighter packs 190 mph of performance into its cutting edge carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum chassis. There’s the 64″ wheelbase, 27″H seat, integrated braking system, lots of high-tech bells and whistles, and custom NM edition features. But, honestly, ride it once and you’ll be too jacked up on adrenaline to remember all the details.
Specifications from Confederate Motor Company:

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