Cagiva Moto SP525

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Cagiva is proud to have been able to change what a being “two-stroke Engine: ” means and to have been able to blend the new technology into the Mito 125. The research and investments made by Cagiva, mean that those days when the words “twostroke” implied only great performance are finally gone. They now also mean caring for the environment.

2008 Cagiva Mito SP525

The integrated ECS (Electronic Carburetion System) administers exactly the right amount of fuel (both the air/petrol and oil mix) and was developed in collaboration with Dell’Orto. The control unit also governs the ignition system. While keeping costs under control and sales prices competitive, this brings the two-stroke 125 Engine: to Euro 3 standards, yet maintains all the advantages that two-stroke Engine: s can offer: lightness, performance and low running costs.

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