Bienville Studios Ghost

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J.T. Nesbitt and former Confederate employee Dave Hargreaves, have since moved on and they’ve begun a new design company located in the French Quarter of New Orleans called Bienville Studios. It’s a lot of work getting a new company started and both J.T. and Dave divide their time between regular jobs and the studio. The studio helps focus their efforts and applies their talents designing motorcycles with ideas that could work well for a variety of motorcycle companies worldwide and as you look through their web site you can see some of the work they’ve been doing for the past eight months along with many concepts strictly developed as Bienville designs with nothing else in mind other than the creation of world class motorcycles in their own right.

One of their ideas that I believe has a lot of potential is the Bienville Motorbike, a modular motorcycle where the buyer has the ability to choose from five different body-styling kits, Café Racer, Touring, Dual-Sport, Bobber, and Standard. All body pieces are interchangeable which reduces production costs and yet allows maximum flexibility, even after purchase, the customer could have an entirely new motorcycle with the purchase of a new kit. Nice.

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